Welcome to a realm of unparalleled eCommerce security. At Prevaj, we understand that safeguarding your online business is paramount in an era of evolving cyber threats. Our Shopify Security Services offer a robust shield, ensuring that your store and customer data remain impervious to vulnerabilities.

Fortify Your Business with Prevaj’s Shopify Security Services

Welcome to Prevaj, where we prioritize the security of your online business in an ever-evolving digital landscape. In an era of escalating cyber threats, our Shopify Security Services provide an unparalleled shield to ensure the robust protection of your store and customer data.

Comprehensive Shopify Security Solutions

SSL Certification Implementation

Our robust SSL certification ensures encrypted connections, safeguarding customer data during transactions. Display the padlock icon and “HTTPS” in the URL to instill confidence and reinforce your commitment to privacy.

Regular Security Audits

Routine security audits identify potential vulnerabilities, enabling proactive management before exploitation. Receive detailed reports outlining vulnerabilities discovered, steps taken for mitigation, and recommendations for ongoing security enhancements.

PCI DSS Compliance

Adhere to PCI DSS standards, providing a secure environment for payment transactions and safeguarding sensitive financial information. Display compliance badges prominently on your website, reinforcing your dedication to security and enhancing your reputation as a trusted eCommerce platform.

Encrypted Payment Gateways

Implement encrypted payment gateways, ensuring that customer payment details are transmitted securely, reducing the risk of interception. Bolster customer confidence by prominently displaying secure payment icons, assuring them of the safety of their sensitive financial information.

Two-Factor Authentication

Implement two-factor authentication for admin access, adding an extra layer of protection against unauthorized logins.

Data Backups and Recovery

Regularly backup your store data, ensuring resilience against unforeseen events, including data loss due to system failures or cyber incidents. Implement robust recovery protocols to minimize downtime, ensuring a quick and efficient recovery process in case of data loss.

Anti-Fraud Measures

Employ sophisticated anti-fraud measures to detect and prevent suspicious activities, safeguarding your business and customers from financial risks. Enhance security protocols to automatically identify and prevent potentially fraudulent transactions, protecting both your business and customers.

Secure File Permissions

Implement secure file permissions to limit access to sensitive files and directories, reducing the risk of unauthorized changes or data breaches. Assign permissions based on roles and responsibilities, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and modify critical files.

Continuous Security Monitoring

Implement real-time security monitoring to detect and respond swiftly to potential security incidents, ensuring immediate action against emerging threats.

Why Prevaj?

Business-Specific Evaluation

Our experts conduct personalized security assessments, identifying vulnerabilities specific to your business model and operations.

Risk Prioritization

Receive a prioritized list of security risks, enabling you to address the most critical issues first and allocate resources effectively.

Customized Mitigation Plans

Benefit from tailored mitigation plans designed to suit your business needs, ensuring a comprehensive and effective security strategy.

Customized Security Strategies

Holistic Security Approach: We devise customized security strategies based on the individual needs and nuances of your business, ensuring a holistic defense against potential threats


Adapt security strategies as your business grows, ensuring scalability and flexibility in the face of evolving security challenges.

At Prevaj, we specialize in Shopify Security Services, ensuring robust protection for your store and customer data. Our tailored solutions encompass SSL certification, regular security audits, PCI DSS compliance, and more.

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