Our client operates a SaaS platform designed for hosting webinars and creating channels. As part of their platform, they sought to enhance user experience and functionality by enabling customers to embed their video player system onto external websites. Additionally, they expressed interest in receiving analytics data from the embedded video player. This project aimed to fulfill these objectives through the implementation of various technologies and solutions.

Technologies Used

The project utilized a combination of ReactJS for frontend development and NodeJS with ExpressJS for backend functionalities. These technologies were chosen for their robustness, scalability, and ability to seamlessly integrate with each other, ensuring a cohesive and efficient development process.

Solutions Implemented

To achieve the project goals, several key solutions were implemented. Firstly, the existing video player system was migrated into a separate ReactJS application, accessible through an iframe. Additionally, a dedicated backend system was developed using NodeJS and ExpressJS to handle player authentication and data retrieval. Furthermore, an Administration portal was created using ReactJS to provide customers with access to analytics data and authentication tokens.

A Secure, Embeddable Video Player with Authentication for Third-Party Customer Websites
A Secure, Embeddable Video Player with Authentication for Third-Party Customer Websites

OAuth and SAML Integration

One of the notable features of the project was the implementation of OAuth and SAML authentication systems, allowing customers to authenticate users using their existing authentication methods. This flexibility provided customers with options tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Embed Builder Functionality

A crucial aspect of the project was the development of an embed builder tool, implemented in JavaScript. This tool facilitated the generation of embed scripts with customizable parameters such as video player dimensions. Customers could easily generate and customize embed scripts to seamlessly integrate the video player into their websites.

Project Results

After four months of development, the project was successfully completed, and the new solution was deployed on our client’s websites. The implementation of the embed system and analytics capabilities led to increased engagement from customers, resulting in higher rates of channel and webinar creation. Overall, the project achieved its objectives of enhancing user experience and functionality.


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