Are you a company owner hoping to improve your retail operations and easily link your online and offline stores? Look nowhere else! Shopify Point of Sale (POS) is available to assist you in completely changing how you do in-person sales. You can streamline your sales, inventory, and customer data with the additional integration of QuickBooks POS, giving you a complete solution for your retail business.

Shopify POS: Elevate Your In-Person Sales Experience!

Introducing Shopify POS – the ultimate solution to transform in-person selling. Whether in a retail store, pop-up shop, or trade show, empower your business with the flexibility of Shopify POS. Explore our brochure for an in-depth look at how you can enhance your in-person sales journey.

Benefits of Shopify POS

Install the Shopify POS app

Sign in using your Shopify credentials to get started. This user-friendly app will act as your main management tool for managing your in-person sales.

Connect Payment Gateway

By integrating your favorite payment gateway, you can accept credit card payments conveniently. Whether you integrate with Shopify Payments or another well-known gateway, you can implement safe and simple transactions.

Create your product catalog

By adding thorough product descriptions, variations, and prices in the Shopify admin. This phase is essential for precise inventory management and a seamless selling process.

Adjust Your POS Settings

Make your POS system fit your company’s requirements. Set up taxes, discounts, and receipt options to provide your consumers a customized experience.

Train Your Staff

Give your employees the tools they need by teaching them how to use the Shopify POS system. You can optimize the advantages of this potent weapon with their knowledge and experience.

Select the Correct Hardware

Make the right hardware selection to assist your in-person sales. While appropriate receipt printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers streamline your operations, iPad or Android tablets make ideal primary devices. Think about the hardware bundles offered by Shopify, such as the Shopify Tap & Chip Card Reader for accepting card payments or the Shopify Retail Kit, which comes with a cash drawer and a receipt printer.

Integrating QuickBooks POS seamlessly

Shopify and QuickBooks POS can synchronize sales, inventory, and customer data thanks to their smooth integration. For your company, this integration offers a number of advantages:

Centralized Sales Data

Say goodbye to manual entry and gather all of your sales data in one location with centralized sales data. You can save time and effort by integrating your Shopify and QuickBooks POS systems and avoiding the need for duplicate entries.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

Maintain control over your stock levels with automatic updates for both offline and online sales. By ensuring that your inventory is current, this integration lowers the possibility of overselling or disappointing customers.

Insightful Financial Reports

Profit from the strength of QuickBooks POS to produce insightful financial reports based on your Shopify sales data. Obtain insightful information on the performance of your company to help you make smart choices for expansion and success.

For Professional Shopify Services, Contact Us

Are you prepared to maximize the potential of your retail company? With the connection of Shopify POS and QuickBooks POS, our team of professionals is available to help you optimize your retail operations.

Why Prevaj?

Shopify POS Setup

We specialize in setting up Shopify Point of Sale (POS) systems tailored to your business needs. Whether you’re operating a brick-and-mortar store, pop-up shop, or mobile business, we ensure a seamless setup process to enable in-person sales with Shopify POS.

Hardware Selection and Configuration

We help you choose the right hardware for your Shopify POS system, including POS terminals, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and card readers. Our team assists with hardware configuration and setup to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Inventory Management Integration

We integrate your in-person sales with your online store’s inventory management system, allowing for real-time synchronization of product data across all channels. With Shopify POS, you can manage inventory levels, track stock movements, and prevent overselling effortlessly.

Order Fulfillment and Customer Management

We streamline order fulfillment processes and customer management tasks with Shopify POS, enabling you to fulfill orders, process payments, and manage customer interactions efficiently. From creating orders in-store to offering click-and-collect options, we help you provide seamless shopping experiences.

Payment Processing Optimization

We optimize payment processing workflows with Shopify POS to ensure fast, secure, and reliable transactions. Whether you’re accepting credit cards, mobile payments, or contactless payments, we help you configure payment settings and integrate with preferred payment gateways.

In conclusion, Prevaj is your trusted partner in selling in-person with Shopify Point of Sale (POS). With our expertise in POS setup, hardware selection, inventory management integration, order fulfillment, payment processing optimization, and training and support, we provide end-to-end solutions to help you streamline your retail operations and drive sales.

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