In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, businesses face multifaceted challenges in managing orders, integrating with third-party platforms, and optimizing their online presence. This blog explores how a strategic combination of Drupal and Angular applications tackled several challenges, ranging from Google Shopping Action integration to order flow customization, ultimately leading to improved performance and efficiency.

Google Shopping Action Integration

The initial challenge of managing orders placed on Google Shopping Action through Drupal and an Angular-based internal application was met with a robust solution. By leveraging the Google Shopping Action API details and integrating the Drupal eCommerce store with the merchant account, the client gained the ability to efficiently handle orders, including the insertion of tracking information from the Drupal admin panel. Scheduled updates ensured seamless synchronization between the Drupal admin and Google Shopping Action, streamlining order management.

QuickBooks Online Integration

The need to import completed orders into QuickBooks Online posed another challenge, which was effectively addressed through integration with the Drupal store. Using the QuickBooks SDK, a custom script filtered and imported “completed” orders, along with payment details. The integration included a mechanism for handling token expiration, ensuring a continuous and secure flow of data between the Drupal store and QuickBooks Online.

Comprehensive Case Study on Drupal and Angular Integration
Comprehensive Case Study on Drupal and Angular Integration

Customizing Drupal Order Flow

Flexibility in order management is key for businesses with unique workflows. The client sought to modify the default order flow in Drupal, introducing stages such as order verification, fraud checks, drop-ship validation, packing slip generation, term user handling, and backorders. Drupal rules and custom scripts executed through CRON jobs successfully implemented these stages, allowing for a tailored and efficient order processing flow.

Automating Purchase Orders for 3rd Party Vendors

Efficiently managing orders for third-party vendors is a common challenge in eCommerce. The client’s requirement to automate the creation and sending of Purchase Orders (POs) for 3rd party vendors was met with a custom script. This script tracked orders with a dropship status, automatically generating and sending POs to vendors when stock availability was insufficient, streamlining the entire order fulfillment process.

Performance Optimization for Drupal Website

To address performance concerns, a comprehensive approach was taken to separate the front end from the back end in the Drupal website. Introducing an API endpoint via Next JS facilitated improved data retrieval and caching through flat tables, enhancing overall website performance. The utilization of Redis further optimized API response times, resulting in a smoother and faster user experience.


The success story of overcoming diverse eCommerce challenges through the strategic implementation of Drupal and Angular applications underscores the importance of a tailored and integrated approach. Businesses aiming for enhanced order management, seamless integrations, workflow customization, and improved website performance can draw valuable insights from this case study. The collaborative efforts of Prevaj in navigating and resolving these challenges exemplify the potential for transformative solutions in the ever-expanding digital landscape.

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