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Revolutionizing Online Medical Symposia: Crafting a Dynamic Platform

The heart of the challenge lay in creating a platform that not only accommodated the diverse medical disciplines but also facilitated engaging live sessions. Leveraging WordPress, PHP, and MySQL, a robust application was developed to lay the foundation for a groundbreaking online symposium. This platform aimed to bring together renowned experts in neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics, neuropsychology, radiology, epidemiology, pathology, and molecular biology.

Enhancing Interaction with iFlyChat Integration

To ensure active participant engagement, a critical aspect was the integration of iFlyChat. This plugin seamlessly handled video calling, group chat, Q&A interactions, and polling. As pre-recorded videos played during live sessions, attendees could pose questions in the chat group. The speaker, visible through video cameras, addressed these questions in real-time. iFlyChat not only facilitated dynamic Q&A but also enabled participants to engage in video calls or one-on-one chats, fostering a collaborative and interactive environment.

Online Workshop and Symposium platform using WordPress
Online Workshop and Symposium platform using WordPress

Empowering Polling and Data Storage

The need for real-time feedback and insights led to the challenge of incorporating polling capabilities. The solution involved empowering speakers to initiate polls at the end of each session. The polling results were intelligently stored in the WordPress database, providing valuable data on participant opinions and preferences. This feature added an extra layer of interactivity, ensuring that the symposium was not just a passive viewing experience but an actively engaging one.

Performance Boost through Kinsta Hosting

Recognizing the importance of seamless performance, the platform underwent a migration to Kinsta hosting. The transition not only addressed previous hosting issues but also leveraged Kinsta’s caching techniques and CDN services to optimize overall performance. This strategic move ensured a smooth and responsive user experience, allowing attendees to fully immerse themselves in the wealth of knowledge being shared.


This case study exemplifies how innovative solutions can transform the landscape of online symposia, especially in the intricate domain of medicine. From the meticulous development of a versatile platform to the seamless integration of interactive features like iFlyChat and dynamic polling, every aspect was designed to enhance participant engagement. The successful migration to Kinsta hosting further solidified the commitment to top-notch performance. As the medical symposium unfolded, it not only met but exceeded expectations, setting a precedent for the future of digital knowledge sharing in the field of medicine

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