Deploying a MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) stack on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a common choice for building scalable and reliable web applications. AWS provides a wide range of services that can help you deploy and manage your MERN stack application.

Deploying a MERN Stack on AWS

Are you looking to build scalable and robust web applications with the MERN stack? Look no further! Prevaj offers top-notch MERN Stack services to help you bring your digital vision to life.

Approach to MERN Stack development and deployment

AWS Deployment Made Easy

Leave the complex AWS setup to us. We’ll ensure your MERN application is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for unmatched scalability and reliability.

EC2 Instance Setup

Our experts guide you through the process of setting up an EC2 instance, a secure and reliable environment for your application.

Installing Dependencies

We handle the installation of essential dependencies like Node.js, npm, and MongoDB, ensuring a seamless environment for your application to thrive.

Nginx/Apache Configuration

Your application’s performance is a priority for us. We configure web servers like Nginx or Apache to serve your React app and handle API requests via reverse proxy.

Node.js Application Deployment

Rest easy knowing your Node.js application is in good hands. We upload and manage your application, ensuring it’s always up and running.

React App Deployment

Our team takes care of building and deploying your React app, making it accessible through a static file server.

Domain & SSL Setup

Security is key. We handle domain configuration and SSL certificate integration for secure, HTTPS access.

Environment Variables

Sensitive configurations are managed securely using environment variables or AWS Secrets Manager.

Advanced Options

For clients looking for enhanced performance and availability, we offer options like auto scaling, load balancing, monitoring, logging, and additional security measures.

Continuous Deployment

Embrace efficiency with our continuous deployment pipeline, which automates deployments for rapid updates and efficient development.

How prevaj helps?

Architecture Design

We assess your application’s requirements and select appropriate AWS services to optimize performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

AWS Setup and Configuration

Our team handles the setup and configuration which includes provisioning virtual servers (EC2 instances), setting up networking (VPC, subnetting), configuring security groups, and managing IAM roles for access control.

Database Deployment

We deploy MongoDB, the database component of your MERN stack, on AWS using services such as Amazon DocumentDB or MongoDB Atlas. We configure database instances, set up replication for high availability, and implement data backup and recovery strategies to ensure data integrity and reliability.

Application Deployment

Prevaj Consultants deploys your Express.js backend and React.js frontend applications on AWS using services like AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Lambda, or AWS Amplify. We configure deployment pipelines, manage environment variables, and automate deployment processes to streamline application updates and releases.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We set up monitoring and logging solutions using AWS CloudWatch to monitor the health and performance of your MERN stack application. We configure alerts for key metrics, troubleshoot issues, and perform routine maintenance tasks to ensure optimal performance and availability

In conclusion, Prevaj Consultants offers comprehensive services for deploying a MERN stack application on Amazon Web Services (AWS). From architecture design and AWS setup to database and application deployment, monitoring, and maintenance, we ensure a smooth and efficient deployment process that maximizes performance, scalability, and reliability.

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