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B2B Excellence Unleashed: Shopify Plus Edition!

Are you a B2B company trying to raise your eCommerce game? You’ve found it! For B2B merchants, our business specializes in Shopify Plus services.

B2B Brilliance with Shopify Plus: Elevate Your Commerce Experience!

Streamline Your B2B Operations

With our expert Shopify Plus services, you can streamline your B2B operations and elevate your eCommerce game. Our team specializes in helping B2B merchants harness the full potential of Shopify Plus, empowering you to provide a seamless buying experience for your clients.

Personalized Pricing for Every Segment

Delete the generic price. With our help, you may create pricing tiers that are specific to each group of your B2B customer base. Personalization is essential, and we make sure that your clients obtain prices that are appropriate for their particular needs.

Enhanced Security with Credit Card Vaulting

Secure your customers’ payment details with our robust credit card vaulting system. By implementing advanced security measures, we enable you to store customer payment information safely. Recurring purchases and future orders become effortless, instilling trust in your clients.

Customized Catalogs for Easy Browsing

Make it easy for your clients to find what they need. Our Shopify Plus services allow you to organize your products into customized catalogs for different customer groups.Say good-bye to time-consuming searches and hello to a simple, straightforward experience.

Empower Your Sales Team

Equip your B2B sales team with the tools they need to succeed. You can create draft orders, accommodating offline negotiations and special requests with ease. Empower your team to provide personalized solutions that drive sales and customer satisfaction.

Thorough Testing for Seamless Transactions

We go above and above to guarantee a smooth purchasing experience. Every element of your B2B setup is thoroughly tested by our strict testing procedures, including registration, pricing, payment conditions, and order administration. Your customers can easily and smoothly through the eCommerce process.

Take Your B2B Business to New Heights

Don’t pass up the chance to use our Shopify Plus services to improve your B2B eCommerce experience. Get in touch with us right now and let our team of professionals help you succeed. Improve your B2B operations, offer individualized experiences, and create enduring client connections.

Why Prevaj?

Professional Guidance

Our team provides expert guidance to unlock the full potential of B2B Shopify Plus, ensuring that your platform is configured to streamline processes and meet the unique needs of your business and clients.

Personalized Pricing Setup

We assist in setting up customer-specific pricing tiers, leveraging Shopify Plus features to ensure that each segment of your B2B customer base receives personalized pricing based on their specific requirements.

Secure Payment Solutions

Prevaj implements robust credit card vaulting systems to securely store customer payment details, ensuring compliance with industry standards and providing peace of mind for both you and your clients.

Custom Catalog Development

Our experts organize your product catalog into customized categories tailored to different customer groups, simplifying the browsing and ordering process for your clients and empowering them to find the products they need quickly and easily.

Sales Team Empowerment

We enable your B2B sales team with tools and training to create draft orders, facilitating offline negotiations and accommodating special requests with efficiency and ease.

At Prevaj, we understand the evolving landscape of B2B e-commerce and the unique challenges faced by businesses in this space. Our partnership with Shopify Plus allows us to unlock the full potential of B2B e-commerce, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital marketplace.

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