Appium is an open-source automation framework for testing mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms.
It allows automated testing by interacting with the user interface elements of mobile apps.
Appium supports multiple programming languages, making it flexible and accessible for developers.

Mobile App Automation Testing with Appium

Are you seeking dependable and effective testing services for mobile applications? Look nowhere else! Prevaj is an industry leader in mobile testing automation leveraging the potent Appium open-source platform. Your mobile apps will be of the highest quality on both Android and iOS platforms thanks to the expertise of our team of testers and developers in utilizing Appium’s capabilities.

Benefits of Appium

Setup and Configuration

Install the necessary software dependencies such as Java Development Kit (JDK), Android SDK (for Android testing), and Xcode (for iOS testing).

Desired Capabilities

Configure desired capabilities to define the device, platform version, app package name, app activity (for Android), bundle ID (for iOS), etc.

Writing Test Scripts

Create test classes or methods to define test scenarios.
Utilize the Appium API to interact with mobile app elements.
Use methods like driver.findElement(), driver.findElements(),, element.sendKeys(), etc., to find and interact with app elements.

Test Assertions

Implement assertions to validate the expected behavior of the application.
Utilize assertion libraries like TestNG or JUnit assertions to verify test results.

Executing Test Scripts

Start the Appium server by running the appium command in a separate terminal or using the Appium desktop application.

How Prevaj Can Help

Cross-platform compatibility

With Appium, we can seamlessly test your apps on both Android and iOS devices, eliminating the need for separate testing frameworks. This allows us to provide comprehensive testing coverage across multiple platforms.

Support for multiple languages

Appium supports various programming languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and more. This flexibility enables our team to work with the language of your choice, ensuring optimal collaboration with your development team.

Open-source and active community

Appium is an open-source project with a thriving community of developers and testers. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the Appium ecosystem, leveraging the collective knowledge and support of this active community.

Native and hybrid app testing

Whether your app is native or hybrid, Appium has got you covered. We can automate the testing of both types of applications, allowing us to thoroughly validate their functionality, performance, and user experience.

Test on real devices and emulators

Appium supports testing on real devices and emulators, giving us the flexibility to choose the most appropriate testing environment based on your requirements and budget.

At Prevaj, we use Appium to automate testing mobile apps and adhere to industry best practices. To assist you provide top-notch mobile applications to your users, our knowledgeable staff makes care to provide complete test coverage, effective test execution, and accurate reporting.

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