The project aimed to develop a comprehensive platform for a law firm, facilitating document processing for visa applications and client interactions. To address performance issues with the previous version built on core PHP, a migration was undertaken, adopting Codeigniter as the backend framework and Angular JS for frontend rendering. This technological upgrade significantly enhanced the platform’s performance and efficiency.

Dealing with Email and Client Uploads

A key challenge was managing a large volume of emails and client uploads securely while optimizing server resources. To address this, email content was securely stored in AWS S3, reducing database size. Similarly, a process was implemented to manage client files efficiently, preventing overload on the application server and ensuring smooth operation.

Implementing PDF Printing and Merging

Another challenge involved implementing functionality for merging and printing PDFs of forms and uploaded documents required for visa processing. This was achieved by integrating ghost pdf and LibreOffice software on the application server to merge case files into a single PDF, streamlining the document preparation process.

Payment gateway
Online Workshop and Symposium platform using WordPress

Integration of Two Payment Gateways

The platform required integration with two payment gateways to facilitate client payments. However, downtime or issues with one provider could disrupt payment processing. To mitigate this risk, a logic was implemented to automatically switch to the alternative payment gateway in case of downtime, ensuring seamless payment acceptance.

Results and Highlights

The migration to Codeigniter and Angular JS significantly improved the platform’s efficiency compared to the previous version. Additionally, the implementation of dual payment gateways enhanced the effectiveness of accepting payments, reducing the impact of downtime or issues with individual providers. These enhancements collectively contributed to a smoother and more reliable user experience for both staff members and clients of the law firm.


In conclusion, the project successfully addressed key challenges faced by the law firm in document processing, email management, and payment acceptance. By leveraging modern technologies and implementing innovative solutions, the platform achieved improved performance, efficiency, and reliability. Moving forward, these enhancements will continue to support the law firm in delivering high-quality services to its clients while streamlining internal processes.

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