he software industry has witnessed a significant shift towards Agile methodology, with many product teams embracing it to foster continuous iterations in the software development life cycle. Prevaj has also embarked on this journey, successfully transitioning from Waterfall to Agile to adapt to this evolving phase.

Embracing Agile Testing

In Agile methodology, the development and testing processes are intertwined, emphasizing the critical need for collaboration within the team. Agile projects demand agile testing, where QA teams engage in testing early stages and continuously throughout the process, rather than waiting for the final build.

Proactive Testing Approach

Agile empowers QA teams to adopt a proactive testing approach, enabling them to validate the functionality, performance, and appearance of the product across all basic units and levels. This ensures that all client requirements are accurately developed and shortens the time to market in a lean and efficient manner.

Challenges in Agile Testing

Despite its benefits, Agile methodology presents several challenges in software testing.

Automation Testing in Agile Methodology
Automation Testing in Agile Methodology

The ever-changing nature of code due to frequent builds and deployments poses a challenge in ensuring that the application functions correctly with each update.

Addressing Challenges

To address the challenges posed by Agile methodology, Prevaj has implemented strategies to support developers in meeting Agile standards. Additionally, extensive test coverage is ensured through parallel testing and automation, allowing QA teams to execute tests across various devices, browsers, and operating systems simultaneously.

Tackling Performance Pressure

The pressure on software performance increases with each build, leading to complexities in the application structure. To mitigate this, Prevaj leverages test automation to execute performance tests promptly and comprehensively across browsers and platforms, ensuring smooth development processes and avoiding bottlenecks.


Transitioning to Agile methodology has been pivotal for Prevaj in enhancing its software development processes. By embracing Agile testing practices and implementing strategies to address challenges, Prevaj ensures efficient collaboration, proactive testing, and timely delivery of high-quality products to clients. With a focus on continuous improvement and adaptation, Prevaj navigates the complexities of Agile development, driving innovation and excellence in software delivery.

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